Chapter TWO INC. is a non-profit organization that has been established to provide Gang Intervention to disenfranchised communities where gang violence and anti-social behaviors are prevalent.  It is our belief that gang violence can be eliminated through positive alternatives associated with overcoming the barriers to juvenile delinquency, economic depravity and gang related malfeasances.

Chapter TWOs mission is to provide healthy alternatives to gang association, juvenile delinquency, and young gang related crimes by providing the residents of our community who are most vulnerable to succumbing to these anti social behaviors with positive alternatives. Working through a network of community agencies and other neighborhood based organizations, we will provide assistance to local communities for the reduction and elimination of gang violence.

Our approach is to educate the disadvantaged youth and their families on the causes and effects of gang violence. The services provided would have a major impact on communities where poverty is a particularly acute problem. It is our contention that the following programs will be imperative to decreasing gang violence and the redevelopment to community action and awareness: Conflict Resolution, Mentoring, Substance Abuse, Employment Training, Literacy, Child Care Assistance, Mental Health, Stress and Anger Management. These programs are designed to assist youth and their families with obtaining and securing education, employment social skills and self sufficiency. We are dedicated to help with all of the disenfranchisement in our communities to make it a better place to live.