Jerald Cavitt
Executive Director
James Dunn
Co- Founder, Co-Director, Crisis Manager, After the 1992 Los Angeles Riots caused by the Rodney King Verdict, James Dunn and other ex-gang members gathered as “Peace Makers” to create the American Self-help Association (A.S.H.A.).  In their efforts to maintain a peace treaty, and for the betterment of their respective communities, they partnered with several of the most prominent power and utility companies in Southern California to start multiple computer technical training schools for the disenfranchised residents.In 1995, James Dunn was Co-Owner of the Neighborhood Beverage Co., a community based organization that was designed to create jobs without all the normal “black tape” and other restrictions usually limiting persons who have been incarcerated or have no work experience.

In 1998, James founded Inner-City Communications and sub-contracted with Nextel Communications.

In 2004 James got involved with intervention and successfully established a “cease fire” between the Swans, a “Blood” gang and the East Coast Crips.  Through these efforts for several years James served as an Intervention Worker and is currently certified as Gang Intervention Specialist.

James is Co-Founder of Chapter TWO, Inc. made possible through a sub-contracted agreement while originally serving as a Gang Ambassador with the Weingart Foundation.

Victoria Querubin
Chief Financial Officer
Dawn Osborne
Grants Administrator
Jose Hernandez
Compliance Manager/Case ManagerJose Hernandez has affected positive change in the lives of disadvantaged families from low income communities throughout the City of Los Angeles for the past 15 years through his extensive work with several nonprofits and small businesses.  He has been instrumental in implementing and designing programs to create and coordinate intervention and prevention programs for at-risk families.Some notable agencies he has worked with include gang prevention and intervention agencies of the Mayor of Los Angeles Gang Reduction Youth Development Program (GRYD) including Chapter TWO Inc., and Aztecs Rising/PHFE, mental health organizations like Hathaway-Sycamores Family Resource Center, the Los Angeles Art Alliance, Art Share Los Angeles, and Central City Action Committee.

Jose Hernandez is effective in working with bi-lingual populations and hard-to-access families and groups.  He is passionate about helping and making a difference of creating self- sufficiency amongst lower income families and underserved communities.

During his free time he coaches families, individuals and small businesses providing financial literacy, training to develop budgets, financial plans, and keeping financial records.

Dion Whitfield
Case ManagerDion has served in the capacity as Case Manager since 2013.  She focuses on one of her daily goals to assist clients by linking them to services in and around their respective community.  She displays excitement and enthusiasm and feels blessed to serve people every day.Dion hosts a girl’s empowerment group at Augustus F. Hawkins High School teaching girls life skills including leadership and personal development.

Dion earned a Bachelor’s degree from UCLA and the Anderson School for the Executive Education Program.  In her spare time she enjoys serving her church and especially working with adolescents and young adults.  Her philosophy is, “Together we can do anything!”


Ken Franklin
Case Manager/CIW
 Eva Martinez
Community Intervention Worker (CIW)Eva is passionate about helping people especially young women.  She believes that the clients she works with are more courageous about taking a stand for their lives and their willingness to change when they see their worth and their value.  Eva’s method to working with clients has enabled her to be successful at building strong relationships by being observant, listening, spending quality time and being direct about what they need to do to achieve their personal goals. Her philosophy is, “If you say you want something, then let’s get it done.”Eva receives inspiration from the clients she serves when they find their own self-worth and self-value.  Her personal challenging life experiences, through trial and error, and small steps of progress taught her how to be accountable.


Darnelle Cain
Community Intervention Worker (CIW)For the last eight years Darnell has helped youth and young adult change their lives through positive reinforcement by emphasizing that change comes in small steps. He continues to impact families and the community by preventing kids from joining a gang and decreasing gang activity.  His approach to his profession is, “Team work makes the dream work.”   Darnell has a strong faith and feels blessed to be a position to make a difference and believes that anyone can change.In his free time Darnelle enjoys volunteering at his church, coaching, and fishing.
 Lynnelle Sanchez
Community Relations & Special ProjectsLynnelle has worked with the public for over 15 years in education, corporate, and non-profits providing information and resources to people.  She has organized, directed, and ensured the support of community groups to implement a wide range of a given organizations’ objectives working with elected officials, non-profits, neighborhood councils, parent groups, schools, churches, community groups, business owners, neighborhood watch groups, and working closely with the Los Angeles Police Department, and other City departments.Her role at Chapter TWO, Inc., is to develop relationships with community leaders and other entities to re-engage partnerships and to augment agency visibility and prominence.  She is also responsible for job prep workshops, events, and enhancing inter-office processes.

Lynnelle enjoys teaching groups about available resources so that they may be self-sufficient and establish their own community goals.  She believes that everyone has the right to access information to resources that can improve anyone’s quality of life.

During her free time Lynnelle enjoys mentoring young adults and reading.