About Us

Chapter TWO, Inc. provides gang prevention and intervention services to youth and young adults between the ages of 14–25. Certified staff members work with youth and young adults and engage in community group’s institutions and individuals to keep youth out of gangs.
Our case management services target the highest at-risk youth and their families which includes counseling, mentoring, parenting classes, anger management and life skills training. Chapter TWO, Inc. organizes activities such as sports and recreation activities, art programs and field trips.
Gang intervention workers work directly with gang members to assist with conflict resolution, provide information and referrals, and provide crisis intervention to defuse potentially violent
situations. Intervention also includes the maintenance of long standing “cease fire” agreements between the largest and most active African American gangs and Hispanic gangs in South Los Angeles.
The following describes key activities and current services provided by the agency that augment the provision of services to the target population:

  1. Gang Intervention, Child & Youth Development programs provide at-risk children and young people a range of activities designed to enhance their healthy, pro-social development. Services include gang intervention and prevention services implemented through child & youth after school enrichment, leadership development, mentoring, tutoring, sibling intergenerational development, youth and young adult socialization and support.
  2. Family Support programs focus on developing parents’ knowledge of child development and parenting strategies, enhancing parenting skills, and strengthening parent-child bonds. Services include parenting and life skills development, family violence prevention, teen/young parent support, family literacy, and parent/child intergenerational development.
  3. Community Development programs and activities help youth and young adults as they re-enter the community after incarceration. Services include job readiness, job training, job acquisition, financial education, basic needs support, social network building, safe family initiatives, and community planning.

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