Month: March 2014


Cease Fire Committee Advancement Project Center for Citizens Peace Building – Paula Garb Second Call Soledad Enrichment Action – SEA Steve’s Reeves Foundation – Eric Unity One Milken Foundation Project Cry No More – Vicky Detours

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Training…The Drawing Board

Our approach is to educate the disadvantaged youth and their families on the causes and effects of gang violence. The services provided would have a major impact on communities where poverty is a particularly acute problem. It is our contention that the following programs will be imperative to decreasing gang violence and the redevelopment to

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What We Do…Day to Day…

Chapter TWO’s mission is to provide healthy alternatives to gang association, juvenile delinquency, and young gang related crimes by providing the residents of our community who are most vulnerable to succumbing to these anti social behaviors with positive alternatives. Working through a network of community agencies and other neighborhood based organizations, we will provide assistance

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