One of the strengths of our agency is the relationships with community members whose influence extends beyond our GRYD zone.  Chapter TWO Ambassadors are volunteers that have strong connections with community members in the areas in which they live or work and supplement the prevention and intervention efforts of our Gang Intervention Specialists.  The Ambassadors assist with special activities such as helping with community outreach by disseminating information of resources and services available to the community including Summer Night Lights, Gun Buy Back and other community events; provide informal supervision of recreational activities in parks; they assist in ensuring that misunderstandings amongst gang members are not escalated and they may help in rumor control amongst other things.

Chapter TWO has over 10 Community Ambassadors in a volunteer capacity.  Some Ambassadors have worked with the Summer Night Lights program, they work in the communities they serve, and they live in the communities in which they volunteer and/or grew up in the community.  In addition, the Ambassadors have current or previous experience supervising young adults and/or have worked with high-risk and gang affiliated individuals.